Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MSHA: Breaking News

Wouldn’t you just know it; for the first time, we didn’t stick around to the bitter end of the MSHA Board Meeting this morning. Had we done so, we would have heard the info reported here:

BREAKING: MaineHousing Director Dale McCormick Resigns

At the MaineHousing board meeting this morning, the board went into an executive session at the start of the meeting and when they came out, they unanimously voted to accept the resignation of Director Dale McCormick.

The official announcement wasn’t made until the very end of the board meeting, with the earlier vote confirming a “personnel decision.”

We’ll let you decide what led to this outcome, and whether the resignation agreement might have any content regarding possible subsequent legal matters.


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  1. Well, I don't think that MSHA guidelines and MSHA training programs are going to be affected much by this news. I just hope the replacement is going to be as good and/or even better than the one who just resigned.