Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PS re School Board questions….

We’ve had a few lagging thoughts on yesterday’s post.  So what else is new, right?

Here are the added questions for your contemplation:

  • Can you recall the School Board holding a public meeting to describe the details of any new teachers contract they just negotiated and approved, with specific comparison to the contract it supersedes?  Or posting a briefing on their web site that discloses the same detailed information?
  • Can you recall the School Board holding a public meeting that reconciles annual proposed budget figures with actual expenditures and revenues, and discusses consequent surpluses and/or deficits and their disposition?

Given the complexity involved, you can have another two days to turn in your homework.  But if you don’t turn it in by Wednesday, you know what will happen.

We’ll have to give you the standard sized gold star instead of the ginormous one.  That should keep you motivated!

1 comment:

  1. We're delighted to know that a member of the School Board is a frequent visitor to our blog.

    Now if said member would only go so far as to offer substantive comment, which is invited and even encouraged.