Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Documenting The McLellan Longfellow Exchange

We thought at this juncture it would be interesting to examine the document that memorializes the exchange between Bowdoin College and the town for the two subject buildings. 

We have obtained the document, and are posting it for your reading pleasure.  We had not realized that it included the College Street improvement project, and some parking considerations as well.  It is dated October 2011.

The document can be accessed here.

It clearly states that the buildings are exchanged in ‘as is’ condition.  We’ll look to our more expert readers to study the document and point out any items of significant public interest.

We don’t have any archived materials to indicate what ‘as is’ represented over two years ago, but as the photo below shows, ‘as is’ at the moment is pretty deplorable.  It seems to us from the agreement that the past 28 months of inattention and further decay and deterioration are ‘on the town.’

You can take ‘on the town’ any way you please.  You can even substitute a specific name or two for ‘the town.’



  1. I was frankly flabbergasted at Gary Brown's assertion on Monday that Bowdoin was going to cover $60,000 of the cost of the $93,000 generator for McLellan (that mysteriously didn't get put into the renovation budget), when actually he was talking about funds that were already dedicated to general revenue from Bowdoin's annual "payment in lieu of taxes". Then when he was pressed about his voodoo economic thinking, he pulled out a "surprise, look what I found" $60,000 credit to the town from Bath over some police officer hiring business, and tried to pass it off as if that made everything Even Steven. Nope, not slippery at all....

  2. The exchange document references an inspection report that the Town was "in process" of completing when this document was signed. "The Town shall provide Bowdoin with a copy of the inspection report but Bowdoin shall not be required to make any repairs or improvements that may be recommended thereby." I would REALLY like to get a copy of this, and to find out who did the inspection, what they charged, and what they did and did not find.....