Thursday, November 5, 2015

“futurely right:” the last refuge of a foamer caught in the headlights

Our text for this homily: Ben Franklin observed, "One of the tragedies of life is the murder of a beautiful theory by a gang of brutal facts.“                     


In past posts over the years, we’ve used images like the one above as a metaphor for gushing over-reaction towards a variety of causes.

Only recently did we learn that the term ‘foamer’ is in widespread use for a more specific circumstance.   We learned of it from a colleague, and passed it along in this post:

We provided a link to this video:, which seems to us the quintessential example of a foamer captured live in a moment of railroading rapture.

As phate would have it, our recent letter published in the Forecaster, which we told you about here, flushed out a local example of a foamer from these parts.  He shows himself in the comments that resulted from our letter. (


Foamers are those who have moved beyond Kool-Aid quaffing, to a more advanced stage of irrationality, and can no longer contain themselves when the object of their affections is questioned.

In the case we’re bringing before you, we suspect that TrainFoamersNortheast, a clandestine coven consisting of ‘selected’ members of TrainRidersNortheast and All Aboard Brunswick, has decided to display their intellects and twisted ethics in public.  Why we’re not sure, but we’re glad they did.

Perhaps the Grand Wizard of TRNE has sentenced them to exile on shady acres somewhere..if he hasn’t, he should.  They add no luster to a group sadly in need of it.

Here’s a look at the comments we’re referring to; ‘farmertom2’ was the first to post a comment:


Note the reference to the “antiplanner” web site.  We’re quite familiar with it; they should think about adding an “antifoamer” subpage to their site.  Next in the comment thread came a discourse on the realities of motor coach vs.Downeaster fuel consumption:


This provoked the best that ‘farmertom2’ has in reply:


As they like to say out in the pasture, ‘holy cow!’

Based on his incisive comment, we’re guessing that ‘farmertom2’ lives somewhere south of Never Willbe, a town ‘that time forgot’ as the old saying goes, and that most of us try not to visit anymore than we have to.

Here’s the costume we suspect he wore for Haloween.


We shouldn’t be too harsh though.   When you can’t find a place in Reality, where else are you gonna put down roots?  Never Willbe doesn’t have very good schools, which is probably why ‘farrmertom2,’ in addition to his other shortcomings, isn’t much of a speller.

We’re sure he meant to identify himself as ‘foamertom2’. 

We’ll close with this zinger:

Winston Churchill complained, "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.“

We’ve used it before.  So what; we own this ‘publication.’.

Not pastly, not futurely; but nowly.

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  1. P.C. Poppycock,

    You've really outdone yourself with this one. Excellent piece of reportage and buttressed by impeccable research.

    Well done,