Monday, May 31, 2010

Baldacci a bit “windy” on wind power….and “location”

You may have seen issues of “The Maine Democrat” distributed around town in recent years.  It’s now known as “Maine Insights.”

It’s an unabashedly partisan publication that usually averages one picture of Governor Baldacci per page.   If I was a lawyer, I’d muse on how it avoids being considered a campaign tool for Democrat officials as a group; but I’m not.

The periodical is published, written, and photographed by Ramona du Houx, whom I believe to be the mother of our own local state representative, Alex Cornell du Houx.

I usually pick up a copy and scan it to see what’s going on.  This month’s issue features an “exclusive interview” by Ms. du Houx with our governor, focusing on the alternative energy sector.

In it, this comment by the governor is cited:

“Key to it all is location. A company building a wind farm in New England doesn’t want to ship them from Iowa. Maine is the most North Easterly state in the United States. Everyone coming from overseas lands in Maine first. It’s all about location, location, location.

I could express astonishment; first, that the governor would say such a thing, and second, that the publisher/author would report it as such.

But what’s the use?  We’ll just have to assume they know a lot more about this than we do, just like on most other things the government gets involved in.

There’s got to be some great opportunities here for somebody….hot dog carts, souvenirs, you name it.  Perhaps even a latter day “Ellis Island,” figuratively if not literally.

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