Saturday, January 17, 2015

A little Saturday reading for you….


We’ve posted an item or two from “The Antiplanner” in recent months.  The item we submit for your diversion today crossed our desk this morning:  There's a Car in Your Future

It begins thus:

An anti-auto urbanist named Brad Meacham wrote a blog post that offers a typical “we-have-to-get-people-out-of-their-cars” diatribe. When Meacham’s post was picked up by a San Antonio on-line magazine, someone asked the Antiplanner to comment. While my response speaks for itself, I’d like to add a few comments here where I don’t have to worry so much about word limits.

Meacham’s case against cars stands on four legs:

  1. Congestion is only going to get worse
  2. The cost of driving is increasing
  3. Fiscal reality will force cuts to highway budgets
  4. People are hungry for community

What follows the above may comfort you or annoy you, but we doubt it will bore you.  Think of it as a mind-clearing exercise before taking in tomorrow’s (hopefully) excellent football playoff games.

If you really want to challenge your thinking on such matters, take a gander here:


And one more just for fun…..

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