Thursday, March 3, 2016

Maine Wire: Deficits, Debts, and Drug Addiction….


Earlier this week, The Maine Wire published Part I of our three part series on the title subject.  You can find the item here:

Here’s a few paragraphs to wet your whistle, in case it’s dried up in the winter months:

Maine, New Hampshire, and other jurisdictions are fighting a growing distribution of opiates, including heroin and wholly legal variants dispensed via prescription. Noted for their addictive properties, and overdoses that can be fatal, distribution and attraction for the vulnerable is becoming increasingly difficult to control.

OPM, while not a medical challenge per se’, is in many ways more troubling than opium/heroin. OPM, by its very nature, is addictive not only to those who spend it, but to the millions who receive it in one form or another. They find themselves smitten with those who distribute it, quickly dependent upon it, and hence prone to keep the “OPM dealers” in power. The street name for OPM varies from case to case, but pork is as useful as any.

There are no laws against distributing and spending OPM. In fact, just the opposite is true. Its cultivation, harvesting, and distribution are highly celebrated by most.

We’re very hopeful that you will read the first installment, and make sure to seek Parts II and III once they’re posted.  We consider the first part the ‘preamble,’ and parts two and three the real meat of our proposal. 

That’s ‘meat’ in the figurative sense, so vegetarians and vegans in our readership can partake of subsequent installments without any worries about sacrificing their beliefs.

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