Monday, July 24, 2017

MLF Sound Update: NNEPRA fails the promise check

Don’t know how many of you are aware of what took place at the Town Council meeting a week ago today, and the news coverage that ensued.  So here you go….a snip of the Forecaster’s article:


You’ll find the complete article here:

As it says in the article, Charlie Wallace of Resource Systems Engineering presented Councilors with a data package documenting ‘rail yard’ sound levels since the Downeaster came to Brunswick and the MLF was built, and how they exceed Brunswick zoning regulations for both night-time and day-time noise level limits.

We’ve posted the entire package here:

We think you’ll be able to work your way through the details with a little effort, but here are a few summary visuals that should help you get the main point – that measured data shows sound levels are well in excess of town limits, and frequently and regularly so.  There is no question that Downeaster related activities have caused measurable sound pollution, in excess of what elected employees once considered the “limits.”

Before the Downeaster came to Brunswick and the MLF was built:


After the Downeaster came to town and the MLF was built:


What’s the bottom line?  It’s pretty plain to see.   Noise levels (not to mention pollution levels) are well in excess of town limits. 

And NNEPRA’s promises aren’t worth the spit coughed up when diesel dust descends on the neighborhood.

Unless you’re a foamer, in which case you’re oblivious to reality.

Don’t let that bother you.  Here in Brunswick, facing reality is not a popular activity.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

MSMT’s “Grease:” hurry to get tickets before they are ALL gone!


Mr. and Mrs. Side had the great pleasure of seeing the musical Grease at MSMT tonight on the Bowdoin Campus, on its ‘official’ opening night.  We have front row seats in Orchestra left, which really pulls us into a show like this.  So much, in fact, that your correspondent had an ever so brief surprise cameo appearance in the opening scene.

We’re posting this to tell you the show and the performances are stupendously good.  The production numbers are world class, lively, and infectious. 

You must, repeat MUST, try to see it.  They’ve added three matinees to try to accomodate the demand.  You’re gonna have to get busy immediately, on their web site, to try to lock tickets in.  You won’t be sorry, though we won’t be there to reprise our brief moment of fame.  That honor will fall to some unassuming schlub sitting in the same seat I had, more than likely.

It’s very clear that MSMT has been upping their game by great lengths in recent years.  The ‘production values,’ as we think of them, keep getting better and better.  We attribute this to the artistic leadership of Curt Dale Clark, who is the “host” in this video:

To repeat, we urge you not to miss it.  Especially if you are at all familiar with the music.  You will love it!

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