Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Local journalism and fake news??

Remember the old campus  hijinx known as “panty raids?”  Well, the idea has ‘evolved,’ and apparently the focus has become more on helping others instead of scoring boola-boola points on campus.
Just when you’re suffering from a lack of inspiration to post something, someone else often comes to the rescue.  To whit:


Keep in mind that this snip was taken from The Forecaster web site at 7pm on Friday, January 25th well after the paper had gone to print and was distributed around the Maine coast.

It provides ample proof of the editorial acumen of the paper, as well as reader participation in notifying them to correct errors on their web site.  We can’t wait to see if the print edition has the same gaffe.  If so, it will become a real collector’s edition.

Note: it turns out that the print edition did not carry the item, so collectors will have to wait for another gem, which we're sure will appear.  The website was eventually corrected to show the correct spelling.  We apologize for the late posting, but our blog software seems to have swallowed various bugs, which we didn't discover until we hit the publish key.

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