Friday, September 29, 2017

The hell with it; it’s time for Brunswick to go big in the virtue signalling sweepstakes.


In yesterday’s post, we made this declaration:

We’ll close with a proposal of our own.  In keeping with the times, we propose that the town council, town manager, and anyone else in attendance at council meetings “take a knee” for recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance before meetings.

This would be a way for all attending to “show solidarity” with those who have no appreciation for the country in which they live, or those who dedicate their lives to protecting it from all enemies foreign and domestic.  Surely everyone at the meetings is oppressed in some way or another, just like the students at Bowdoin.

Upon the due reflection that suggestion warranted, we realized how underwhelming it is, especially for a “get right with the world” town like Brunswick.  We’ve got to signal our humility and deference to the high command of the Social Justice Warfare Brigade that occupies our territory.


While taking a knee at council meetings is a start, if an amateur one, it’s time to step up our game…to move up to the pro ranks in showing our disdain for all things oppressive, traditional, historically based, offensive, patriotic or otherwise associated with what used to be called the Land of the Free.   You know, the one time “Good Old USA.”

God Bless America?  Yankee Doodle Dandy?  George M. Cohan?  Binary genderism?  Lady Justice and blindness before the law?  It’s time they all be tossed aside in a great tidal wave of political correctness, and washed out to the sea of yesterday.  We believe we have just the kind of leadership here in America’s perfect little town to make it happen.  Our one time Lake Basebegone can become a “shining city upon a hill” - Lake Justicebecoming.

The new plan we envision is multi-pronged.  With assistance from the local social justice militia, Brunswick can be the first to celebrate an annual Abject Humility Day, in which every town resident, visitor, and worker will take a knee for four hours.  Kids in our schools, all the teachers, and the administration are expected to show us the way.


The second facet should be a weekly Abject Humility Hour.  While the day of the week and the hour should be a matter of public discussion, we prefer the daylight hours so all can be seen in their observance.  Perhaps Fridays from Noon to 1 pm as a start.

This would be a perfect time for members of Sanctuary Brunswick to lay their gifts of food, housing, clothing, and other necessities of life upon an appropriate altar under the Gazebo on the Mall.  Afterwards, they can hear confessions from the truly penitent on how they transgressed in just social behavior in the week past, and hand out lists of penitent offerings required to atone and “get right with the left.”


We’re confident that leaders amongst our governing and peace and justice elite will want all outdated symbols of the “Old Brunswick,” like American Flags, Maine Flags, and other relics of the old way, be flown at half-staff, if not burned, during the weekly hour of humility and the annual day of penitence.

We hope, and beseech these same thought leaders to grant exemption to active and retired members of our armed forces, and active and retired first responders, even though they have all too often been used as the tools of oppression.  At least in the minds of those who hold sway in public opinion these days, along with the emerging cultural revolution, and purge of all things emblematic of old school American and Western history.


As for us, we hope you won’t mind if we stick our necks out in resistance to the “new way” being imposed upon us.

Perhaps one or two of you will even join with us in a celebration of the best that American once was, and especially honor those who carry her banners, no matter the personal sacrifice it requires.

Maybe we can fend off the end of American History for a little while longer.  It won’t be easy, will it.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Brunswick Town Council gives short shrift to indigenous peoples, and other signs of the times. Plus a proposal of our own.


Observers in town were given fair warning by local cultural elites that they would press the town council to pass a resolution declaring the second Monday in October to be Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Brunswick.  And so lookouts were posted to watch for smoke signals above the McLellan on Monday, September 18th indicating the outcome of the proposal to do so.

As we might expect, our town councilors signaled their virtue by approving the resolution proposed by the gaggle of community organizers who carried this forward.  Surprisingly, however, the vote was not unanimous.  The BDN opened their article with this:

BRUNSWICK, Maine — Adding to a roster of Maine communities passing similar resolutions this year, the Brunswick Town Council on Monday voted to adopt a resolution recognizing the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day, while continuing to acknowledge the federal Columbus Day holiday.

The council officially voted 8-1, with Councilor Dan Harris opposed, to adopt “a resolution to acknowledge Maine’s Indigenous Cultures,” and to recognize the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Harris, a prime mover behind the creation of our town’s Human Rights Task Force, inexplicably voted against the proposal.  We can only wonder what hidden anti-nativist bias hides deep within his otherwise multi-cultural, social justice driven soul.

The most troubling aspect of the council’s action, however, is the lack of respect they showed towards the indigenous peoples relative to the Cubans who prospered here before unknown invaders massacred them and drove them away.


The Cuban peoples, or Cubanistas as some call them, are honored with a full week of celebration every year in Brunswick.  Restaurants feature Cuban dishes in tribute to these pioneers, and there is even a monumental art piece in the downtown area – the “Dance of Two Cultures” mural on the side of the former Treworgy furniture store.

We don’t know how this shameful imbalance in reverence towards those who courageously occupied these lands before the modern era was allowed to pass without objection from our betters who pride themselves in their multicultural bona fides and unquestioned impartiality.  We trust that appropriate correctives will soon be prescribed for all who perpetrated this injustice.


As if this major breakthrough in community standards wasn’t enough, we now learn that some of the very same cultural beautifiers of our once fair town have another proposal to put forth if we are to achieve the greatness they have in mind for us.

This report appears in today’s Ostrich:

Advocates want Brunswick to welcome immigrants

No push yet for sanctuary status in the community


Times Record Staff


An advocate group wants the town of Brunswick to adopt a resolution welcoming immigrants but stopping short of declaring the community a sanctuary city.

Sanctuary Brunswick organizer Rosalie Paul called the resolution “a step beyond just a feeling of goodwill” at a meeting with advocates and town officials on Wednesday.

“It’s important for our immigrant communities to feel welcome not just in Lewiston, but anywhere in Maine,” said Bright Lukusa of the Immigrant Resource Center of Maine.

The proposed resolution states that Brunswick “welcomes immigrants and all new residents and visitors to our community, and supports their paths toward citizenship, recognizing the extraordinary efforts and resilience of the individuals who move to our community under the most difficult of circumstances, and who face barriers including unfamiliar language, culture and divisive political rhetoric.”

The loaded words in the report are “no push yet for sanctuary status….”  Which is another way of saying the water drop treatment is just beginning.  Turns out Selma Sternlieb had authored an op-ed in The Ostrich on behalf of Peace Works Brunswick that ran on September 20th.  It included this passage:

With the belief that we must not stand by and allow brutal immigration policies to go forward while our brothers and sisters are suffering, a group of us, calling ourselves Sanctuary Brunswick, is planning a Community Conversation on Wednesday, September 27th at 7 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Church to address this question: What would it mean for Brunswick to become a welcoming community offering sanctuary to immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees?

And then this further detail:

The panel will consist of representatives of the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project, the American Civil Liberties Union, the town council and town manager’s office, the Brunswick police department, the Lewiston High School International Club, United Somali Women of Maine, and the religious community.

In fact, eye-witness accounts report that councilors Sarah Brayman and Kathy Wilson, Town Manager John Eldridge, and Police Cmdr. Mark Waltz were in attendance from Brunswick Town government.

We note that neither today’s article nor last week’s op-ed suggest that those promoting the approach are volunteering their own funds, vacant bedrooms, personal food supplies, or other signs of welcome to those they propose to help.  As the old saying goes, it’s pretty clear that what they really want is to be generous with the shirts off others’ backs.  In other words, they wish to impose their voluntary kindness as an obligation upon town residents.

It’s clear they will soon push for sanctuary city status, regardless of Cmdr Waltz’ view that doing so would be problematic.  This is tantamount to proposing that laws that have been on the books for decades not be enforced because they don’t like them and consider them to be unfair.

So much for being “a nation of laws,” and “equal protection under the law.”  It used to be that if you didn’t like a law, you were supposed to work with the lawmakers to have it changed.  But that can be a big pain in the butt, so why not just have officials vote to ignore the law so you can feel better?

We won’t even discuss the Maine Open Meetings Law, which on the face of things, appears to have been violated here.  At least four town officials attended the “panel meeting” which clearly discussed town policy.  Three officials makes it a meeting requiring official public notice by the town, and we didn’t find the session on the town calendar, or any other indication that the town was fulfilling its obligations for public notification.

Hey; as long as we’re in the mood to comply onty with those laws that we like, what’s the big deal?


We’ll close with a proposal of our own.  In keeping with the times, we propose that the town council, town manager, and anyone else in attendance at council meetings “take a knee” for recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance before meetings.

This would be a way for all attending to “show solidarity” with those who have no appreciation for the country in which they live, or those who dedicate their lives to protecting it from all enemies foreign and domestic.  Surely everyone at the meetings is oppressed in some way or another, just like the students at Bowdoin.

Come to think of it, have they taken down all the US Flags on campus yet?  And is each day begun with the student body taking a collective knee on the quad?

Let’s hope so; Brunswick could use the good publicity.