Friday, May 21, 2010

Equity - a postscript

The first vote cast on the prior post on equity was for “idiotic.”

Bingo!  I think we have a winner!  Please contact Poppycock Media Enterprises to claim your prize.

Of course it’s idiotic; that was the point of the essay!  To show what happens when the self-anointed visionaries of fairness and justice decide to engage in social engineering to compensate for (if not outright repeal) the natural, if not fully predictable consequences of being of the human species in a free society.

This is what you get when you decide to make yourself feel good by pursuing the unnatural political and social correctness of the day….you open up a can of worms that looks innocent at first.  But that little can has more worms than you realized, and pretty soon they’re scrambling beyond your reach and into everything, becoming so troublesome you don’t know how to get them back in.


And you uncover some pretty glaring cognitive dissonance, like the inequity in teacher compensation.

For years, we’ve listened at budget time to heartfelt testimony about how wonderful and dedicated all our teachers are, as if there was a sound basis on which to believe that 250 or so classroom personnel could all be in the 95th percentile.

Fine; if our teachers are all ‘equally’ wonderful and dedicated, then why aren’t they all making ‘equally’ wonderful pay in a resounding show of employment equity and justice?

Oh…you say they’re not that equally wonderful?  Then how do you decide which kids get the more wonderful teachers, and which kids get the less wonderful teachers?

You might consider these questions idiotic and absurd, and that’s your right.  [And you might recall prior history in which someone said “we’re all equal, but some are more equal than others.”]

Side takes exception, though, suggesting instead that it is our long-entrenched policies and the premises behind them that are idiotic and absurd.

Returning to the other train of thought…….what’s fair and equitable about me being born with a grating personality, an inquisitive mind, an aptitude for math, and male pattern baldness?  What’s fair and equitable about someone else being born with the charming personality and perfect hair of a Bill Clinton, and an inability to connect 3 dots? 

What’s fair and equitable about you being born with a stupendous singing voice while I can’t carry a tune?  What’s fair and equitable about someone being able to drain ‘nothing but net’ 3 pointers all day long, while someone else can’t dribble a basketball without looking at it and using two hands?

Or more to the point, what’s fair and equitable about you being born to your parents, and me being born to mine???

For the throngs who believe it isn’t fair, it’s comforting to know that we could eliminate all this unfairness and injustice starting right now.  We could simply outlaw natural human conception, and instead put creation, production, and cultivation of human life under the control of a central planning agency.  It could be at the state or federal level, but if you believe in global justice, it should really be a joint international human husbandry authority that oversees things.

Perfect human specimens could be cloned in the quantities required, with characteristics modified over the years as those in charge deem appropriate or necessary.  Raising the specimens in a uniform environment for their first 18 years or so would eliminate the inequities that stem from being raised by non-conforming individuals of varied traits.

Wait a second; I just thought of something.  What then of diversity, that prized and celebrated variation in the yarns from which the human tapestry is woven?  That human manifestation of “fiber arts?”

Could it be, you might ask, that diversity is really just a code word for unfairness and inequity, and is only to be used until such time as we can eliminate it through intervention by the elites in the aristocracy?

Nah; that couldn’t be. 

And besides, I’m done here;  places to go, things to do, that sort of thing.  And I’ve left you with enough new idiocy to ponder for now.  You keep those “idiotic” ratings coming, you hear?

“Oh Rochester, bring the car around, will you?  The Theater of the Absurd is presenting “Equity – The Perfect Ending” tonight, and I’ve got 4 front row orchestra tickets.  We mustn’t be late, now!”

Anyone else want to join us?  I hear it’s a real thought provoker.

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