Thursday, November 11, 2010

Whoopee! Trader Joe’s is open in Portland!

You may recall that in September, I told you about the expected opening of Trader Joe’s in Portland.  The store is on Marginal Way, between Forrest Ave and the Franklin Arterial.

It is now reality; they opened on the weekend before election day, and as we knew would happen, they became an instant and overwhelming success.  We stopped by on the afternoon of election day, and after several trips around the parking lot, with lots of other “lurkers,” unsuccessfully looking for a spot, we gave up and left.

I stopped  by yesterday afternoon about 2:30 or so, and the parking challenge was only slightly less severe.  It took one lap or so to get lucky.

Once inside, I was surprised by the size of the store; it is the largest in their chain, and is very roomy for circulating around.  For example, there are a number of salad dressings in the regular aisles, but also a smaller selection (one of which is Mrs. Poppy’s current favorite) in the refrigerated section.

The staff, as is always the case, is very well trained, very helpful, and a fun group.

You must stop in when you have a chance, and allow some time to take in all their variety, including tempting chocolate based goodies, etc.  I predict you will develop some new addictions.  The cheese selection is also very, very good, and well priced.  I find it a great place to shop for ‘antipasto’ like platters for enjoying with friends.

Some of the fresh daily bakery items like Ciabatta Bread are also excellent and a real bargain, but don’t take mine.  I love it crostada style with melted brie and a number of variations on that basic theme.

If you’re really nice, and say pretty please, I’ll fill you in on some of the possibilities.  And then you’re gonna owe me big time!

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