Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The “News” in Brunswick is not good….

We’ve read in recent days of the demise of Thibeault Energy, a long established family business that we assumed was a rock solid operation, based on decades of serving the local population.  But poof, just like that, the owner has put on his it’s all overcoat.

And then Finest Hearth, from whom we bought our fireplace insert a few years back, announces they are ceasing operation.  Three stores, up in flames, so to speak.

We were out on the town today, running some errands, and what we saw was not encouraging.  The Bookland end of the Cooks Corner Mall is beginning to look more and more like a wasteland, with numerous units vacant, and the prime corner property, the former video store, wasting away as well.

Ironically, you exit the mall looking directly at a new Credit Union under construction.  Lord knows the town could use another credit union, on top of its surfeit of banks.  Don’t know how this works, but it seems strange that the money business is doing so well, but business can’t seem to make money.

On to Maine Street, the Duncan Donuts shop next to Rite-Aid is now gone, and the Wheelhouse Cafe next to Bamforth’s looks to have turned its coffee makers off for good.  There’s a cultural message in the passing of each, depending on your point of view.

OK, businesses come, and businesses go.  Hopefully, things balance out, and on the whole, more come than go.  We’ll see.

You may recall us reporting on the property tax status of The Ostrich over the past several months.  It turns out that the news on that page is no less depressing.  According to public records, the business entities of record, Alliance Press and Brunswick Publishing, have made no progress in resolving their tax delinquencies.

The latest public information shows they are in arrears by more than $100,000 in total  Given the overall decline in print media circulation, and the advertising shortfalls inevitable when businesses shut down, things can only be getting worse, not better.  And another major payment is due in a matter of weeks.

Funny how those most likely to call local activists “anti-tax zealots” are behind in their taxes.  Which is to say, not paying their “fair share.”

Stay tuned.  For now, Other Side is current in its tax accounts, but we may soon need to run some specials for full page ads if conditions persist.

And for the record, we’d be happy to see our competitor survive, if only for the competition they provide, if you want to call it that.

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  1. I'm surprised at you Mr. Poppycock. Like Willy Sutton once said about why he robbed banks, "Its where the money is". What other way to be able to take other people's money to use for your own and do it legally but start a bank.

  2. My son actually cried when Red Dragon Toys closed.

  3. Looks like vacancy pockmarks all over this town...industrial park included...& the big pig-in-the-poke Times Record Building. Very sad.