Friday, April 15, 2011

Nothing to see here; just Bowdoin being Bowdoin

Move along now, please, folks…

I don’t think anything in the reference I’m about to pass along will come as a surprise to those who are even minimally aware of today’s culture and the part the esteemed Ivory Towers of “higher education” play in it.

Still, it’s good to be reminded from time to time just what it is that takes place right before our very eyes, so we can ponder what the effects have been, and more importantly, what the longer range consequences will be.

The cited material won’t take you long to read, unless you decide to read the comments posted in response, which I heartily recommend you do.

Here’s the gist of the item:

Do Bowdoin alumni know their alma mater offers not one history course in American political, military, diplomatic, constitutional, or intellectual history, and nothing at all on the American Founding or the Constitution; that the one Civil War course is essentially African-American history (it is offered also in Africana Studies); and that there are more courses on gay and lesbian subjects than on American history?

You can read the entire item here: U.S. History as Taught at Bowdoin (Ugh).

Here at Side,  we can only ask in dismay how we can expect our ‘brightest’ to understand and protect the great American experiment and what it has done for us and the world if they have no grounding in it?  How can they have any respect for the founding, those who committed their lives and fortunes to make it happen, and the incredible set of principles embodied in the founding documents?

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  1. It may be just as well they neglect American History. If they offered such a course, it would probably be built around Howard Zinn's history of villains and victims.