Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sad news about Frosty’s; an era ends

We just learned that the matriarch of the legendary Frosty’s Donut Shop, June Frost, passed away on July 11th.  We could be the last ones to find out; that’s often the way at Other Side.

June was 76, and they have been operating their shop since 1965.  That’s a very long time, and literally millions of tasty treats have passed through her hands on the way to regular and visiting customers.

June’s passing occurred after our most recent visit, but two days before we posted on a Frosty’s visit here.  We don’t know the circumstances of her passing, whether it was sudden or otherwise.  Either way, given the timing, our last post was anything but fortuitous, and for that we apologize.

We’ve spent many happy hours in Frosty’s, and brought home many a dozen, to the delight of all who shared in them.  Especially the grandkids.  We even brought some with us on trips to visit family in Cleveland, and they were a hit there.

June was an iconic presence at the shop, as everyone surely knows.  We send our sincere sympathies to her husband Bob and the rest of her family.  They have struggled with a variety of health related challenges in recent years, as regular customers know.

Reports are that the shop is closed down and on the market.  We will certainly miss the place, and numerous visitors will be disappointed as well.  The Frosty’s reputation spread far and wide; their donuts simply were the best.  Visitors often showed up while we were in the shop, saying how they made a point of looking for Frosty’s on their trip to the area.

It remains to be seen whether anyone else can summons up the devotion and commitment to give Frosty’s a second life.  We certainly hope so; it will take a lot to do so.  Here’s hoping someone with the requisite determination and stamina does so.  Code issues and the like could well complicate any plans.

It would sure make a lot of us happy, and it would be a fitting tribute to the Frosts.

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