Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stossel On Infrastructure

We’ve recently come across two reporting ‘segments’ from John Stossel, the well known challenger of ‘myths’ willingly swallowed by the general public.  Each of the items we pass along here have to do with the folly of ‘government help’ as it relates to infrastructure.

Particularly in the form of Amtrak expansion and subsidies, which is especially applicable to our town.  If you think about it, Cape Brunswick seems to be increasingly defining itself as a node on the great federal network of non-self-supporting rail routes.

Maine Street Station is seen as the crown jewel of our identity.  The danger, of course, is finding ourselves a one trick pony, just about the time that pony rides are no longer a favored federal enterprise, because windmills and hot air balloons have become the favored cuts of pork.

You know the old saying: live by the subsidy, die by the subsidy.  While we weren’t here for the events that led to it, we assume that the failure of the prior ‘Maine Street Station’ stems from a similar fickle transition in favored charitable community developments.

Unfortunately, we’re having trouble posting YouTube clips in the usual fashion, for reasons we can’t explain.  So we ask for your indulgence in clicking on the links we provide, and otherwise following our instructions.

Here’s the first one, which all of a sudden is working as we would like:

Here’s the second one; you’ll have to move the time marker to 30.15 minutes to start at the point we want you to see:

After you watch both, let us know what you think. 

And be sure to clean up after your pony.  There’s nothing less welcoming than stepping off a train and stepping on a pony-pie.


  1. Once the firwst sin is committed and goes unchallenged the subsequent transgressions become justified by the first.

    We have skipped over the fact that our Constitutions or laws originally goave the governmentspecific powers. In the the case of the state constitution it was the police power,"for the defense and benefit of the people of this state." When the sates fashioned the U.S. Constitution they gave the federal government certain limited and specified powers that the states ceded to a central authority.

    One of those powers was to tax the states to "pay the debts and for the defense and general welfare of the United States'.
    Those debts were those debts acquired by the Continental Congress that some of the states refused to pay. Once those debts were paid the federal government cold tax the states on for costs incurred for the "defense and general welfare of the United States".

    The states could not cede more power to a federal entity than they had themselves which in the case of Maine is the police power.

    The long and the short of it is, if you follow my argument, the states have no power to operate, subsidize or own railroads, could not cede this power to a federal entity and what the federal government has done is violate the law.

  2. I see we now have signs that indicate that we're an "Amtrak served community". I wonder who paid for those (I already know).

  3. Yeah; ain't it great?

    Talk about Community Pride! I don't think you can climb much higher.

    Unless we put us up a sign that says "IRS served community."