Friday, August 23, 2013

We’re BAAAAA…AAAACK! Now, where do we go next?

We told you it would take a while to get the normal mojo going and re-establish our customary publishing routine.  As it turns out, our mojo is already in overload mode, and we’ve got so many plates spinning we’re not sure which ball to catch first.

So, lacking coherent guidance from our Board of Directors, we’ve decided to take things under our own personal cognizance, and provide you with the reference documents that underlay what will follow from this point on.


One of the things that convinced us we needed to do so is the phone call we received from Dale King, owner of Brunswick Taxi, “a Maine Corporation,” on Wednesday this week (21 August 2013).  We’ll have much more to say about that conversation, but for now, we tell you that he asked why we were ‘picking on him, instead of Gelato Fiasco and Cool As a Moose and MRRA,’ all of whom were getting help from the BDC.

Side’s answer was that we didn’t know anything about those transactions, but that we would as soon as possible.  We now have all the relevant documents in hand, ready to pass along to you.  (Ed. note: we don’t care for the word ‘share.’)

So here they are, as your homework assignment for what will be forthcoming when we decide to ‘move’ the story, as professional journalists like to say.  Trust us; there is lots of moving to be done that we already know about.  We suspect that the moving to be done will increase by leaps and bounds in the coming weeks.  So stay tuned.

The foundational documents for the Brunswick Development Corporation are these:

The official articles of incorporation:

The Bylaws, or how they operate:

The promissory note for the Brunswick Taxi ‘loan,’ which is completely forgivable, as we discussed in our post earlier this week:

The aggregate document describing the loans to Gelato Fiasco (half of which is forgivable); Cool As a Moose (128 Maine Street LLC); and the grant to MRRA:

And finally, recent BDC meeting minutes that discuss other proposed transactions:

We have faith in you, loyal readers, and trust that you will digest these documents and discern the very ‘essence’ of the sausage recipe from them.  All while we are preparing subsequent posts on the subject, which we will do with great relish.

Don’t disappoint us; it won’t be pretty if you do.  And nobody likes ugly pigs.  We much prefer ours with ample lipstick, mascara, and false eyelashes. 

And we’ve come to understand that Cape Brunswick has some of the finest costume designers and makeup technicians there are.

Pork comes in all sorts of forms, as we’ve told you before.

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