Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Psssst! Over here…..your favorite time of year…..


You know, calisthenics time….to limber you up for incoming news….

And some has arrived.  Word is that PP, Superintendent of the Brunswick School Department, is looking for a 10% increase in his budget for the coming year.

By our reckoning, that means he’d like an increase of $3.5 million on top of the current year’s $35.6 million budget.  Not bad for tight times and enrollment that’s down by nearly 30% since the peak about 10 years ago.

The budget then was $27.7 million.  The next one, should he get his way, would be $39.1 million.  That would increase per student costs year over year by just shy of $1,500.  And yield a total cost per student of $16,350, a rather princely sum, we think.

Especially compared to the cost per student of $8,230 ten years ago.


But don’t you worry your purty little heads about a thang, Dearies!

As Claudia Knox so publicly assured the town council, and by extension, all of us, the train is our friend when it comes to dealing with budget and tax increase challenges.


Well lookee thar!  Here comes one of them trains right now.  And they even have someone on board to guard the $3.5 million delivery!


No wonder we all love trains so much.

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