Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Be careful about making plans.....minute by minute changes are the "order of the day"


Lot’s of opportunities here for circular finger pointing: NNEPRA, Amtrak, Pan-Am, DOT, STB, FRA, the feds, the state, or anyone else that can be fingered as the culprit.

We repeat again: Amtrak, as someone has said, is the Post Office on rails.  And those in government who decide to pursue improving life by contracting with it and the partners who come with it are reaping the consequences, which of course, they believe can be overcome by spending ever more copious amounts of OPM.  Just like fixing that tough steak you just took off the grill can be made tender by cooking it for another five minutes on each side.

Here’s the good news from just an hour or so ago:
Current Work Zone:
Tie replacement north of Dover station.
Surfacing in the area of Exeter station.
Wednesday, May 27 :
Train 685
  • Cancelled
Train 687
  • On time out of Boston
  • 20 - 25 minutes late into Exeter
  • 65 - 70 minutes late into Wells
  • 80 - 85 minutes late into Portland
Train 689
  • Cancelled
Train 688
  • Cancelled
 Anticipated performance for Thursday morning train 680 will be provided this evening as soon as updated information is available.
Happy tracks to you, cowboy!

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