Monday, December 14, 2015

For the interested former student....


Pursuant to our recent post on the latest cultural skirmishes on the Bowdoin campus, we pass along this lengthy but comprehensive analysis of what passes for amusement at institutions of ‘higher learning’ when sex, drugs, rock&roll, drinking, and deciding what gender you are this week aren’t enough.

That recent post was here:

The article we hope you’ll read is here:

An excerpt:
The campus protests are different. At one school after another, protesters have achieved the resignation and/or humiliation of high officials. They have extorted a great deal of money. They have tried to establish new conventions for the behavior of the media and have even intensified what may prove to be a serious debate about the future of the First Amendment. And in all of this it has become clear that the campus protests aren't about race or privilege or safe spaces. They're about power.
Makes us wonder whether someone, perhaps a local Bowdoin alumnus, should call new President Clayton Rose, and tell him not to rush on unpacking and getting settled in his campus mansion.  His tenure could be shorter than he might have imagined.

Oh well, easy come, easy go.  “Kids will be kids,” after all.  Even very smart spoiled ones.

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