Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Maine Wire: Part III of Deficits, Debt, and Drug Addiction

Herewith Part III of the subject series, now up on The Maine Wire web site:


This is the final installment, and it addrsses federal employee compensation reform.  Here’s an excerpt:

Now-a-days, constant news coverage frequently cites the salary levels of mid-level to senior civil servants, and I am astonished when I hear the numbers, especially since it’s fairly easy to find out what their benefits, including pensions, are. Many are living the high life, as revealed in the GSA expose a few years back, where one manager had his picture taken sitting in a whirlpool tub in his suite, glasses of wine readily at hand (see photo above). Numerous other revelations from various ‘conferences’ should have been embarrassing to those in charge, but disgraceful behavior has become accepted, and perpetrators assume they won’t be held accountable, lest their superiors be exposed for their own misbehavior.

The notion of ‘public servant’ has been all but invalidated by the behavioral norms of the vast majority of bureaucrats and those they employ as consultants. Witness Prof. Jonathan Gruber’s statement that “lack of transparency is a huge political advantage” and reference to “the stupidity of the American voter.” Throw Lois Lerner’s arrogance into the mix as she refused to take responsibility for clear illegal behavior as a senior manager at the IRS, and that of her agency chief.

We hope your thinking on the subject has been appropriately jostled.

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