Friday, December 2, 2016

For the kids…no matter who screwed up…..

As an early Christmas gift, here’s one of our perennial favorites:


We don’t know if you saw this report in this week’s Forecaster:

We were stunned to see these words in the article:

"excavation and reconstruction of the entire facility"

What have they been doing?  Holding 18 wheeler and dump truck races on the track?

The pictured weeds provide a clue on how to fund the repair. Eliminate the salaried position that was responsible for care and maintenance of the facility, and use the saved compensation and benefits cost to amortize the loan for repairs.  Alternatively, elimate other staff positions to generate the cash flow necessary to do the same thing.  Perhaps doing either of these would inject a new era of reality and accountability into the hallowed and congenitally faultless Brunswick School Department.

We won’t hold our breath, and we don’t advise you do so either.  Instead, take this report as just one more example of the virulent pathologies of school department operation.  Let things go regarding facilities in favor of salary and benefit budget lines, always assuming that capital expenses can be dealt with by appealing to public sympathies, and attendant lack of curiosity into the absence of discipline and diligence in attending to the care of public assets.

Afterall, ‘it’s about the children.’  And ‘the children are our future.’  Not to mention ‘imagine our future.’

Face it; this is a repeat of the unshoveled roof approach at Jordan Acres that is now costing us $30 million in new school construction. Screw up, and nobody pays with their job for the lack of accountability.  And voila, shiny new facilities just like that!

Instead, taxpayers bear the brutal cost of the negligence because of board and schoolie weepiness and 'community pride.'

Isn't it time somebody in authority started thinking about 'community shame,' as well as 'for the taxpayer?'

Of course not.  Instead, let’s just settle for assurances this won’t happen again ‘on my watch.’

And approve those contracts with the guaranteed salary increases for all.

What a way to run a railroad.

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