Friday, February 16, 2018

It ain’t much, but it’s all we got….


Andy was famous, of course, for the likes of this:


He’s gone now, but if he were still here, and happened to visit the Big Top Deli, Side’s 20 years and counting favorite lunch spot, he might be inspired by an item on their recently revised menu boards.  It may take you a while to see it, or you may never see it.  But try.

         Big Top Menu a

Sorry for the glare; it comes from the copious flourescent lighting overhead.

Andy could always start with something like this, generic as it is:


The real thing, however, eclipses this in every regard.  We happen to think the BTD has the bestest hot dogs around.  The rolls are exceptional, as are the dogs themselves, and the overall prep and friendly service elevate the whole experience even more.  Not to mention the chips and pickle you get with them.

You can trust us on this; we’re not like all the others.  Especially now that our 15 minutes are over.

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