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We became aware of this announcement through one of our field reporters.  The less we say about it the better, lest we be skewered as some sort of unhinged blogger, as a local columnist views us.  A conveyor of toxic masculinity… or some other fashionable label of our era.

We do think the community at large should be aware of such programming at our public schools, and the influence it has on school budgets, which is no doubt impossible to determine in detail.  We assume related activities take place at other schools in our system.

So here it is, direct from its source…the BJHS web site:


If you were thinking that “Q&A” in the title referred to questions and answers, you would be wrong.  We’re assuming anyone with a sense of today’s culture can decode the Q.

If you don’t know what an Ally is, let’s just say it’s not a bank.  And you need to “get woke,” in contemporary SJW street language.

We won’t comment on the opportunities for shaming this week provides.  Let’s just say we’re reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer wouldn’t “wear the ribbon.”  The irony, of course, is that a program about inclusion can just as easily be one about exclusion, if you get our drift.

We have one other question.  Do you suppose there’s a 3R club that holds a pride week to celebrate the readin’, ritin’, and rithmatic they’ve mastered at BJHS?  With all the hoopla over the annual school budget, we can’t recall a single celebration of accomplishing the basic education mission assigned to our several schools and their staffs.

Maybe we need to “get woke” on such purposes.  How dare we hold on to such archaic expectations?

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