Saturday, June 13, 2020

Black Lives Matter letter to the Times Record

The following letter was recently submitted to The Ostrich (Times Record) for publication.  They declined to publish it, and couldn't even muster the common courtesy of a response.

Side has a thirst for knowledge, and this led us to research the subject phrase, which is easy enough in the internet age. We quickly learned there is far more than meets the eye.  In a spirit of informing the community, we offered what we had learned and the references to allow personal follow-up.

Apparently this was all Too Much Information for The Ostrich.  We have come to believe that "mainstream journalism" prioritizes inflaming and influencing over informing.

Maybe we should found a charitable organization called "Actual Information Matters."  We could abbreviate that as "AIM," which would make it relevant to the old saw "ready, aim, fire," which is all too often distorted as "ready, fire, aim" by today's so called journalists and the activists in our midst.

Clarification for “Black Lives Matter” Promoters

The mantra “Black Lives Matter” is spreading like wildfire. One Church in Brunswick has displayed a banner with the inscription for years; another prominent parish recently posted it on their Marquis Sign. Today I saw it displayed in large solid letters in a front yard.

No doubt these folks believe they are displaying a moral principle to signal their virtue, though one wonders why they don't assert All Lives Matter. Especially the Churches.

Unfortunately, they have been deceived. The phrase they display may present as a slogan; but it is in fact the formal name of an organization founded 7 years ago, with 40 nationwide chapters, and structured as a 501(C)3 charity under the umbrella of ActBlue Charities.

In spite of their name, BLM decidedly does not advocate for all black lives. Instead, they are a hyper-political activist group with a Leninist-Marxist agenda. Their founders have roots in this political philosophy. They have been very clever in naming their organization with an entirely sympathetic slogan that fits into their protest tactics, and draws credulous activists into their fold, carrying their signs and taking a knee in homage.

How do I know this? They have no interest in black lives continuously and flagrantly taken on the streets of Chicago, or the life of retired Police Captain David Dorn, killed in St. Louis as he tried to protect a pawn shop owned by a friend. These black lives don't matter to them because they can't be blamed on police, so they can't be leveraged for their political agenda. But they do care about the life of George Floyd, since he was so visibly and criminally killed by police.

Due diligence research of the organization on their own web site will confirm this. Go to, and make sure in particular that you read all five items listed under the “ABOUT” tab at the top of the page. Then go here to read about the activism of their Chicago chapter: Their own words will tell you what really matters to them, regardless of what their name says.

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