Wednesday, July 8, 2020

“No one is above the law”– except Pelosi and the rest

On Tuesday, 7 July, the Portland Press Herald ran a Maine Voices column of ours, as shown in this screen capture.

The entire item can be found here:

Please be sure to read the comments at the very bottom of the web page.  They always add insight to the public’s views on the subject at hand.

Should you choose not to read the entire column, here are the closing paragraphs, or as we sometimes say, “the takeaways.”
The facts are irrefutable. When senators and representatives say “no one is above the law,” they are lying unashamedly, and even worse, blatantly disrespecting us as they do. They seem convinced we are too dumb to know any better, and too wobbly to challenge them if we did.
For those who remind us that “we are a nation of laws,” notice they never mention that some of those laws protect them from charges of lying, and that all laws are selectively applied. So the platitude, while a lovely thought, embodies no hazard for them, and scarce comfort for us.

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