Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Who speaks for you and me? And what do we hire the Brunswick Town Council to do?

We don't know about you, but we happen to believe the duties, powers, and responsibilities of the Brunswick Town Council are defined by the Town Charter, which you can find here:

Our take on the Town Charter is that the Town Council is elected to oversee the conduct of Brunswick Municipal Government and relevant policy, as implemented by town professional staff.  In so doing, they represent you and me and the other residents of Brunswick.

They are specifically NOT elected to oversee and or influence the conduct of Maine State Government and Federal Government and related policy, and are not elected by us to do so.

So Side takes strong exception to our Town Council when they do so, through such things as official resolutions asking State and Federal Governments to implement their policy wishes.  This seems to have become more frequent in recent years, as individual councilors attempt to score political points with local advocates for one policy or another.

The latest case in point is shown below: a "Resolution Supporting Equitable Health Care for All Maine Residents"  In it, they officially advocate for State and Federal Policy, and in so doing, they speak for all the residents of Brunswick, without their approval.  At least they don't have Side's permission to do so; maybe they have  yours.

Furthermore, a resolution essentially consists of a series of premises (the Whereas clauses) followed by an official request(s) (the Therefore clause(s)).

In the case before us, we take exception with a number of the premises; they are arguable to say the least and arbitrary at best; objective proof is impossible to provide.

A number of them also evidence a complete lack of rational, critical thought as to the consequences and unintended consequences of their asserted merit.

Taken as a whole, in other words, we find the entire document an attempt to exercise powers not incumbent upon them, and as structurally sound as a house of cards.  

Unless you live on the imaginary axis, that is.

So here it is; you'll note there is no room for you (or us) to sign on with our approval.


Resolution Supporting Equitable Health Care for All Maine Residents

Whereas, every person in Brunswick deserves comprehensive health care to. include all forms of care including but not limited to, medical care, mental health care, dental care, behavioral health care, vision care, and hearing care; and

Whereas, the current health care system in the United States and in Maine is unsustainable and does not provide for the common good of all Brunswick residents; and

Whereas, the current health system in the United States and in Maine is complex and confusing and provides residents of Brunswick with inadequate healthcare coverage or no coverage at all; and

Whereas, the increasing and increasingly unstable cost of prescription medications continues to force families to choose between medicine, food, heat, shelter and more; and

Whereas, the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how integral the health of the entire population is to the basic functioning of society; and

Whereas, the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the inability of the predominant employer-based health insurance system to adequately serve the public during a major economic disaster; and

Whereas, the predominant employer-based health insurance system forces the town of Brunswick and property taxpayers to keep up with the rising costs of municipal and school employee health care plans; and

Whereas, the predominant employer-based health care system shrinks the amount of money available for pay increases, retirement benefits and proper staffing levels in local government and in our school system; and

Whereas, eliminating high administrative costs and waste would be beneficial to a wide range of Brunswick families and businesses; and

Whereas, a system which is simple, straightforward and provides citizens with adequate health care is necessary; and

Whereas, improving the quality of life and the health of family budgets for residents of Brunswick is desirable;

Now therefore, be it resolved by the Town Council of Brunswick that,
Brunswick strongly urges both the Maine Legislature and Congress to design and implement an equitable health care plan that provides every Maine resident with comprehensive health care from birth to death.

Voted by the Town Council of Brunswick, Maine this 3rd day of August, 2020
_ /s/ John M. Perreault___________________________________
John M. Perreault, Chair – Town Council


Oh.....and one more do you think the Councilors of the Town of Brunswick would feel if the State Legislature or the US Congress passed Resolutions calling specifically on the Town of Brunswick to do anything they felt like calling upon us to do?

Would the Councilors think it was within the purview of those higher bodies to make a point of telling them what they wanted done?  Or would they consider it to be meddling in town affairs?

Only the Shadow knows.


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