Saturday, June 19, 2010

Maine excels in “moochers”

Maine officials love to tout our “quality of place,” which to this reporter means they would just as soon not talk about “quality of employment,” or “quality of prosperity,” or “quality of future.”

One organization has recently decided to assess the percentage of a state’s population that ‘access’ some form of welfare, and compare it to the percentage of the population that is ‘in poverty.’  To the extent that the former exceeds the latter, a “moocher index” is computed.

Wouldn’t you just know it?  Maine comes out #3 of the 50 states (or is it 57?) in this index.  Only Vermont, #1, and Mississippi beat out Maine.

You can read about it here.

And now you can ponder why Maine’s economy is in the doldrums, even though we have wonderful places to kayak.  Let’s face it; what’s more important – quiet waters with the cry of the loons, or the ability to make a future for your family?

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