Friday, June 4, 2010

NJ Governor “speaks truth to power”

How often have you heard one political identity group or another talk about the need to “speak truth to power,” most frequently as they seek greater generosity from government (like they have anything we don’t give them first), or bemoan the consequences of liberty and the free enterprise system?

You may have heard about Chris Christie, the new Governor of New Jersey, who upset incumbent John Corzine some months ago.  The guy is truly one of a kind.

I came across this clip of him yesterday.  Watch it to see someone “speak truth to power” in the reverse direction.  And you’ll note the lack of teleprompters or other speechifying aids.

And he does it in less than 5 minutes, the Brunswick town council standard for public comment.  Damn I wish I could do a job this good in front of them!  Actually, I’d settle for 1/10 this good.

This is what you call “cutting through the crap,” to turn a phrase.  And it sure is refreshing.  Especially compared to furious battles over $42 thousand in a $53 million budget.


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