Wednesday, August 18, 2010

“I am not worthy……”

Borrowing a sentiment from the classic movie “Wayne’s World,” Side comes to you in a prostate position, humility and shame in full public display.

It has been too, too long for loyal readers, if there are any left, to go without the uplifting, amusing, and otherwise bizarre ramblings they have come to expect here, and this correspondent is appropriately ashamed for denying you your fix.

If we had thought about it, and applied any common sense, we might have decided to effectively shut the operation down for the summer, but we didn’t.  Failing that, we could have at least lowered expectations.  (Not that they could be much lower.)

So here we are.  The massive interior project we undertook is complete as of two weeks ago, other than the finishing touch of some border paper around the en suite bath.  And it took the starch out of this old codger, undertaken, as it was, in a series of the most sultry weeks this area has ever known.

Fresh on the heels of that milestone, female fruit of Side’s loins arrived with her two offspring, hoping to bask in the sunlight of our irreverence and hospitality for the month of August.

The end result is that we have talked much and produced little in the way of offerings to lift you from the doldrums.  And for that we apologize.  On the other hand, maybe you needed a break too.

In the midst of the recent power outage, we began this attempt at rebuilding your trust in us, and in getting back into the ‘groove’ of regular commentary.  Given that fruit is still on the premises, and summer is still in progress, we caution you that the publishing pace will ramp back up gradually, rather than instantly returning to the feverish pace you have become accustomed to, and for which we have garnered worldwide acclaim.

I have missed you dear readers, as I’m sure you have missed me.  I hope our bond is strong enough to survive a few mere weeks of our inattention.

And I look forward to a full return to our close and profound mutual support.  And the ‘dialogue’ these efforts inspire.


P. C. Poppycock

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