Sunday, July 18, 2010

The LePage “Whistle Stop” Express

For a number of years, the Poppycock’s have bee meaning to ride the Maine Eastern train between Brunswick and Rockland, but there’s never been enough ‘push’ to get us to do it.

Well now there is.  Next Saturday, July 24th, there will be a special Maine Eastern round trip train from Rockland down to Brunswick, and back to Rockland.  It’s a chartered train, in the old “whistle stop” style, for Paul LePage’s campaign for Governor of Maine.

You can find the details here: details.  And more info here, including the itinerary: LePage train itinerary

For those of you in the greater Brunswick-Portland and points south region, the requirement to drive to Rockland for an 0830 boarding time, and then having to drive back home after returning to Rockland at about 1500 might look daunting enough to discourage your participation.  But there is another very attractive option that would make the day more manageable.

You could make the drive to Wiscasset and catch the train there at 1015, and then ride it down to Brunswick, make the turn, and get off the train at Wiscasset on the way back at roughly 1330.  This is a much more reasonable drive, and would still give you participation in all the "whistle stops" except for the Rockport origin.  And hours to enjoy all the enthusiasm aboard the train.

Please consider this option as another way to jump on board the "LePage train!"  Maine needs a major change in how it is ‘governed,’ and Paul is our best choice to do so!

Email or call me if you have any questions; but most of all, book a place on the train!

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  1. Victory costs money. Let each of us determine what amount would be somewhat of a stretch and sacrifice and send it in.

    The amount will vary for each of us and our families. What matters is we send in whatever we can. Ask your friends to do the same.

    We know the Mayor will maximize every dollar received by his campaign. His staff can be trusted to do the same. I've been on the volunter ranks since last November and can attest to it.

    Save on all possible luxuries and postpone some needed items when feasible. Every dollar adds up. If you're in the position to write a $750 check without blinking, do so today.

    Volunteerism is priceless. Victory costs money. Donate online at so we may retake control of our government in November. It's up to us!