Monday, July 12, 2010

He’s back!!!! (Or maybe he never really left…..)

Things have been pretty quiet in Lake Basebegone since Barrister F. Lee Bailey penned his note of withdrawal to the MRRA.  Hence Side hasn’t reported on the subject since these two posts:

Re: Condolences-one last glimmer of hope?

A “Towering” Lake Basebegone Update, May 26, 2010

Imagine our delight, then, when in browsing through the Sunday Portland paper, we found that F. Lee is back in the news, and in more ways than one.

For the past two Sundays, this paper has carried major front page “special report” stories on the Dennis Dechaine case.  Astute followers of the case know that F. Lee took an interest in the case some months ago, and he’s mentioned in the article in that context.

Bailey gets his own related article in the paper, in which we find this interesting passage:

Bailey has business ties in Maine and he is moving to Yarmouth this month from Massachusetts. A longtime pilot, Bailey is a close friend and business partner with Jim Horowitz, the founder of Oxford Aviation.

So, maybe there is hope for a return of a Richardson-Bailey economic development “breakthrough” after all.  Bailey’s permanent presence in Maine should provide fodder of one sort or another for future musings on the subject.  And this is the first time we can recall seeing in print that Bailey is a business partner with Oxford Aviation’s Jim Horowitz.  That makes a trio of opportunists of “towering” stature, all here to surprise us with new and spectacular possibilities if we’ll just “invest” in them.

Let the speculation begin.  And we’re glad that Bailey seems to have recovered from his deep depression after Johnny Protocols pulled out of the race for governor.  Which makes us wonder whither goest JP?

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