Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rumble: Gerzofsky et al vs. Town Council

Brunswick is a pretty “peaceful” place, generally speaking, although admittedly, you could take that label in more ways than one.  Judging from the latest reports, however, it may be time for Officer Krupke to make an appearance to break up a street fight that seems to be brewing.

On the other hand, a good street fight of the political sort can be very amusing, and provides fodder for those of us in the ‘media’ peanut gallery to address.

Perhaps you saw the recent report in The Ostrich regarding the Town Council’s endorsement of Town Manager Gary Brown for appointment to fill a vacancy on the MRRA.  It sets the stage for a classic showdown between local control supporters, which presumably includes most of the Town Council, and our elected legislative delegation at the State level, who represent the centralized authority point of view. 

The scrum becomes all the juicier when you consider that the latter, all Democrats, have found themselves suddenly moving from the decades long controlling majority in Augusta to the new minority kids club in the statehouse.  We can only imagine the post election stress disorder that folks like Senator Stan Gerzofsky, now beginning his 10th consecutive year of “non-career politician” service, must feel.

To the heart of the matter, the Town Council has unanimously approved sending a letter to Governor-Elect LePage that recommends Gary Brown be appointed to the vacant MRRA seat.  As the local paper reports, this decision comes “despite stated opposition” from Senator Gerzofsky, who apparently opposes the appointment of any Town Manager to the MRRA Board. 

Brown has served in the past; we won’t dwell further on his potential appointment, other than as it reveals local political ‘chemistry.’

As Side has reported in the past, Gerzofsky is famous for his humility and public servant demeanor.  So we were shocked to read that:

Gerzofsky said the letter would be “ill-advised,” and chastised King (Council Chair Joanne) for what he characterized as her failure “to reach out to” local legislators to gauge their opinion on such a gesture or what their objections might be.

Have the Senator’s years of coaching to piss-ant local officials had no effect?  Don’t they grasp why his presence at council meetings is always publicly acknowledged, in respect for his righteous authority over petty local issues?

The Senator’s diminished power, lucky for him, still extends over the lesser lights in our local delegation.  Representatives Charlie Priest and Alex Cornell du Houx quickly signed up for three bowls full of the Honorable Stan’s pronounced stance on the matter.

Ever the loyal straight-man for his mentor Gerzofsky, Charlie Priest said:

he’s concerned that “having someone on the board who is involved in politics might slow (economic development) or divert it (sic).”

To which we respond, excuuuuusssssse me?  Do you really expect us to believe that government appointments to government established bodies overseeing government matters ends up selecting folks who aren’t “involved in politics?”

C’mon, Charlie.  Time to man-up on the reality of such matters, even if Senator Svengali won’t.

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