Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bad sign on the teachers’ contract

We last wrote about the open, adjustable rate Brunswick teachers’ contract several days ago in this post.  If you’ve forgotten the circumstances, reading it will bring you right up to speed.

Over three weeks ago, I emailed the School Board Chair and Vice Chair with this question:

What is the status of contract negotiations with the Teachers Union to amend the current contract for the coming year, and what part is the School Board playing in these negotiations?

I received nothing in reply from them.  So I re-sent the question a few days ago, thinking the result might be different this time.  I should have listened to Einstein’s advice.

I take the lack of a response to be a bad sign for those who pay for things in town.  We are not involved in any respect in this process, and we won’t know anything until the contract is signed and beyond challenge.  To paraphrase someone at the national level, '”we’ll have to approve this contract to find out what’s in it.”

We have no doubt that School Board leadership declined to respond because they know that whatever they said would be reported and commented on here.  And that just wouldn’t be right, right?

What they didn’t realize is that not responding would be reported and commented on here as well.

And that their silence says far more than any response might have said.

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