Saturday, March 26, 2011

I feel a movement coming on…

No, not that kind of movement, you depraved gutter denizen! 

I’m thinking instead of a ‘movement’ in the social or cultural sense.

This week, the invoice for renewal of our Ostrich subscription arrived - $130 for a year.  Not an insignificant sum when you see it as an annual expense.

I’m considering mailing it back with no funds and a note that says we’ll pay up on our subscription when The Ostrich pays up on its tax delinquencies to the town, and all such accounts are in good standing.

And since The Ostrich continues to receive delivery of all town services even though they aren’t paying for them, or ‘freeloading’ to borrow a term from a recent editorial, I’m going to demand that they continue to provide full subscription delivery services even though I haven’t brought my account with them up to date.

Seems only fair, don’t you think?  And it appeals to 'journalistic justice,’ to turn a phrase.

If they won’t agree to these terms, perhaps we’ll have to come up with a new name for them.  “The Times Picayune” is appealing to me at the moment.  But “The Times Pompost” is a close second.  Pompost is a ‘combining form’ of pompous and compost.

if neither of those is a winner, there’s always ‘The Times Delinquent.’

Let us know which you prefer.

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  1. It was with great reluctance that I made out a check to renew. I was only persuaded by my bemoaning wife who would sorely miss the obituaries and her daily fix of the Sudoko. Confidentially I would miss the NY Times crosswords since I abaondened the NY Times when they raised the price to $1.50. It was probably the masochist in me that needs to be constantly reminded of the way government at all levels is bleeding my hard earned retirement funds.

  2. Or you could go with "The Shameful Record"

  3. Or at this point, "The Shameless Record"