Saturday, October 15, 2011

No-bid naughtiness – a heads up

Earlier this week, we posted on the insurance operations of the Maine Education Association (the state teachers’ union) and the Maine Municipal Association, and what we believe to be a wide-spread no-bid relationship between these ‘organizations’ and the school departments and municipalities that procure their insurance from them.

We suggested that there may be opportunities for reaping significant savings by competing the coverage in the open insurance market.  While this thought has been in the back of our mind for some time, it was only by chance that we decided to address it now.  We promised we would gather some more data and report back, and if things looked promising, to pursue further action in the matter.

Well, wouldn’t you just know it; there has been some significant legislative interest in the subject this year, and it illuminates the political interests and sensitivities of the insurance operations.  Which is to say that who holds the majorities makes a big difference.

Once we conclude our look into things, we expect to post some eye-opening results.  Unless we get sidetracked, that should be within the next two weeks.

So stand by for some ‘education’ from your local non-profit wannabe reporter.

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