Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fin-centric post script

For you hot car groupies out there, here’s a link to a car very, very close to the one this reporter had.  Same color, same engine.  And only $175,000!

Same color, but does not have the Chrysler 300 markings.  And exact same engine; make sure you look closely at it.  The carburetor on the left fuels the cylinders on the right, and vice versa.  THAT was some engine.

When we drove across country, and stopped at service stations and had the oil checked, it caused quite a stir when the gas jockey first saw those tubes and the carburetors outside the cylinder banks.

But they loved selling us gas!

Tuning up this SOB was quite a challenge.  To change plugs, you had to take off the front wheels and remove panels inside the fenders to get acess to the engine and the plugs.  You could not reach them from the top.

What fun.

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