Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh what tangled webs we weave… MSHA postscript

Do any of you remember Rosa Scarcelli, the oh-so-rational sounding independent in the race for Governor of Maine during the election run-ups in 2010?

We had completely forgotten about her until the study of the MSHA topic reminded us of ‘affordable housing.’

Take a look at this, from her web site:

Rosa Scarcelli

Chief Executive Officer

Rosa Scarcelli currently owns and manages over eighty affordable housing complexes in Connecticut, Maine and Pennsylvania and continues to grow Stanford Management’s affordable housing portfolio.

She has managed the development of over $500 million in real estate assets throughout the Eastern United States, and oversees a large staff in several regional offices.

Affordable Housing Finance ranked her company as one of the fifty best affordable housing providers and as one of the ten fastest-growing housing providers in the country.

From the start of her career in 1992, Rosa has passionately devoted herself to real estate. She has since gained well-rounded experience in her industry, mastering such diverse areas as affordable  housing, the restoration of historically significant properties and urban renewal.

She has developed properties for both residential and commercial uses, in small rural towns and major metropolitan areas alike.

She received her Bachelor of Arts from Bowdoin College.

Would it surprise you to learn that even we are astonished by what we find when we start to turn over rocks?

And we’re especially heartened by the connection to our own local Ivory Tower.

Pogo, please call Poppycock Media at your earliest convenience; we’d like to schedule an interview.

And excuse me if I don’t answer your emails in a timely fashion.  I’ll be outside behind the barn barfing my brains out.

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