Sunday, May 6, 2012

PYMWYMI Update, as if it matters…..

Here’s the update on how much our friends over at the imagine/invest camp have volunteered in the last week:

6 May PYMWYMI Update


Need we comment?

No, we don’t.  But we do feel the need to report on the editorial excellence of The Ostrich, which continues to build on their reputation for accuracy of reportage in local matters.

Recently, they posted this pearl in a lead editorial:

After weeks of public forums on specific cost centers, the School Board last week endorsed a $33,491,029 spending plan that seeks almost $2.4 million in local funding.

Memo to The Ostrich, and to the School Board and School Department officials who are so supportive of their reporting:  that would be $2.4 million in ADDITIONAL local funding, on top of the nearly $17 million already paid by local taxpayers.

We realize that to many, especially those who think that spending levels are irrelevant, that this minor correction is, you know, a distraction.

To which we would reply that the entire campaign for School budgets is based on distractions, and intentionally so.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

Nor anything that stops those so inclined from rolling out their checkbooks and making a very public statement.

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