Saturday, May 12, 2012

Residence ‘fluidity:’ du Houx snafu part deux

Well, we haven’t heard back from Rep. Priest or Sen. Stan the minority-man yet on the Alex du Houx residency snafu, so they must still be researching it.

Meanwhile, Alex himself seems to have elevated the question of legitimate residency for legislative purposes to a far more troubling level.

A recent post on his Mother’s web site refers to a BDN item on the recent turmoil in young Alex’s life:

Groening’s article listed the allegations by Rep. Erin Herbig, while Rep. Alexander Cornell du Houx, who is waiting for the hearing scheduled for May 14, 2012, could only give the paper a brief quote denying the accusations and saying he has respect for Herbig.

“We lived together for almost a year and were engaged to be married, and I have the highest respect for Erin. Her statement is completely false. This is a personal matter between Erin and myself over an engagement that sadly did not work. This is just a messy breakup of a loving couple,” said Cornell du Houx.

This sounds to us like it was intended as a permanent change of residence, or for the militarily inclined, a PCS (Permanent Change of Station.)  While we don’t know where they were living together, we’d bet a dozen of Frosty’s finest that it wasn’t Brunswick, which means at least one, if not both, were violating residential integrity for purposes of holding their elected office.

“almost a year” means the duration was well beyond the bounds of legislative sessions as well.

To which we can only say ‘this is a fine how-dya do, du Houx.’  We’d add ‘the people of Brunswick and Belfast expect better’ to that, but frankly, we doubt that they do.

Public servants?  Yah sure, bubby.  We could use a good laugh around here, but this ain’t it.

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