Thursday, June 21, 2012

Little local bites…..pork belly themed

The bad news first: we’re sad to note that Lilee’s Public Ale House has closed, and adding to our sorrow, so has Back Street Bistro, the ‘parent’ operation.  Both were great additions to the Brunswick dining scene, and served food that was well above average, and in many cases, distinguished. 

The owners had great restaurant pedigrees in their CV, and it showed in their offerings.  We remember having a crispy pork belly appetizer at the Bistro some months ago, and it was unbelievably good.

We thought both were doing well, but what do we know about financing and running a food business?  We just know how to get the wallet out after a good meal, but that’s not much by comparison.

We wish the owners well in their future endeavors, and hope we see them back on the local food scene in some form or other.

Now the good news.  We stopped by Frosty’s this morning to pick up an order we placed yesterday.  Given our schedules, this is about the only way we can assure ourselves of a fix of Frosty’s finest.  As we were making our transaction, we noticed an odd looking creation in the case, and asked what it was.

Answer: a maple bacon donut.  We headed out the door with our order plus a few more, including one of the maple bacon creations.

Let’s just say this – while it may not be for everybody, we’re pretty sure most will find it an addictive and overwhelming creation.  What’s not to like?  Melt in your mouth raised donut, an almost peanut butter like application of maple coating, and crunchy bacon chunks on top.  It is indescribably good. 

If you’re lucky enough to see one in the case the next time you stop by, do not pass it up.  Our hunch is that a cup of Wicked Joe’s ‘Jamaican Me Crazy’ would be the perfect choice to go with it.

So the next time you wonder why pork bellies are such an important part of our commodities markets, just remember there are always new and creative ways to serve them up. 

As Emeril likes to say, ‘pork fat rules.’

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