Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maine Wire Op-ed: School Budget Intimidation

You can surf on over to The Maine Wire today, where you will find this commentary on the process of enacting school budgets.  An excerpt:

Never, ever talk about teachers’ contracts or explain any of the details. Be sure to approve a new contract before the budget proposal for the coming year is put before the public and elected officials for approval. Leverage inexperienced reporters and pliant media by giving them soft-soap details that downplay the scale of salary increases.

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  1. Hi - I read your article on the Maine Wire but was very frustrated because I couldn't find a way of commenting on it.
    In my prior life I was a School Business Manager in 2 southern New England states. Both Very pro-union, with teachers in the Legislature, etc.
    It was possible to manage effectively but it was very difficult and could only occur when you were given the flexibility to move "outside the box". How successful were we - not bad. Tight budget controls; effective benefits management; lots of contracted services; effective hiring practices. But, it was a constant uphill battle. I negotiated all union contracts.
    It was an interesting life.
    Every one of the points you raised is dead on the money. Its not a play so much as a charade.