Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pigeon Feeding, Cape Brunswick Style


Somebody somewhere once said “feed the pigeons, and you’ll get more pigeons.”  It’s pretty hard to deny the truth of that assertion.  Do it often enough, and you might even find some goats get into the picture.


Which brings us to the latest news about the Brunswick Development Corporation.


We’re talking, of course, about this recent report in The Forecaster:

BRUNSWICK — When the Brunswick Development Corp. received four funding proposals last month that exceeded the amount of cash it has in the bank, its directors had to take a step back to think about the bigger picture.

After holding a strategic planning session on Monday, BDC's board decided to change how it lends and grants money to nonprofit organizations and businesses, Linda Smith, the town's business development manager said.

From now on, BDC will focus its efforts in two ways: by offering grants to nonprofits for projects that have a community benefit, and by offering small loans to for-profit businesses, but only in tandem with other lending institutions.

BDC's board also unanimously voted to no longer provide grants or loans that could turn into grants to businesses, after a motion was made by Vincent DiCara, a new citizen board member who had offered the BDC advice last year after it lent an unprecedented and controversial loan to a business.

We don’t know Vincent DiCara, but we think we like his thinking.  It seems to us, reactionaries that we are here at Side, that feeding Brunswick pigeons has led to a pigeon feeding frenzy.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Unless, of course, it leads to some pigeons getting fatter than all the other pigeons.


And they can’t get by unless the rest of us feed them.  Most pigeons learn they have to fend for themselves, and find a way to do so.

Other pigeons think they have a higher rank in the pigeon community, and that this accords them greater benefit.  Especially if they’ve had the authority to influence the rate at which pigeon food is extracted from the other bird species in the area.


  1. Maine's Constitution allows the legislature to only guarantee loans, not make them. When chartering a town the legislature can delegate no more authority than it has and therefore any money being loaned out by the BDC is illegal but which the legislature will do nothing about because it breaks the law also. The question still persists on how and from where this money comes from, You get one guess.

  2. Not to excuse the prior behavior of the Brunswick Development Corporation, but it is a non-profit corporation, not a municipal or quasi-municipal corporation.

    1. Ms. Small: It matters not what it is, it is breaking the law and getting away with because the legislature is doing the same thing, both of them with taxpayer money.