Friday, September 12, 2014

Breaking News: NNEPRA fails to win 2014 TIGER 6 Grant

A little over a month ago, we posted these two items:

in which we went to some length giving you background info on NNEPRA’s application for a 2014 TIGER 6 Grant.

The basics are shown in this table from the Grant Narrative document:


To refresh you, the overall context here is the “Downeaster Service Optimization Project,” with a total project estimate of $30 million.  As you can see, NNEPRA took the position that they already have $16 million in hand, and applied for $14 million as their Grant Request to complete the funding profile.

In an announcement here dated today, September 12, 2014, the 2014 awards have been announced, and NNEPRA was not among the winning applications.

We don’t know what specifically will follow this announcement, but on the face of things, the plan for funding the “Optimization Project,” including the Brunswick MLF, has been OBE’d, as we used to say in our business.

We’ll watch the news on your behalf to see how NNEPRA and TrainLovers/Northeast react.

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