Thursday, September 25, 2014

Haircuts, oil, and other little things

Yesterday morning, we awoke early enough to head over to Leo’s Sustainable, Organic barber shop before the appointed opening hour.  This time, we were first in the parking lot, and we spent just under an hour on premise, if you count waiting time and clipping time, which is a modern day record for us.


As punishment for our early arrival, we had to endure a bit more verbal abuse from the proprietor than usual, but we dished it back pretty good.

The most painful part of our experience was when Leo told us he had just taken delivery of a load of heating oil for $3.00 a gallon.  Wow, we thought, since just a day or two earlier we had a delivery of our own, on our ‘fixed price’ delivery plan at a price 23% per gallon higher!

This is the gamble you take when going with a contract for a year.  Sometimes you make out, sometimes you don’t.  It’s like haircuts.  This time, we had far less growth for Leo to shear off, but he had the unmitigated nerve to charge us just as much as he did last time. And he laughed as he did.

We got home and checked cash oil prices on the internet, and sure enough, heating oil is widely available at $3.00 a gallon at this very moment.  So if you’re in a position to do so, you might consider phoning a local supplier ASAP and filling your tank(s) at this almost unheard of price in recent years.

The money you save might help offset the increase in your property taxes. 

As we’ve learned over the years here in our perfect little town, if one clip job doesn’t get you, another one will.  You might as well relax and enjoy it.

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  1. As and engineer you should know that over the long run there is no such thing as a free lunch. What you get today will be twice as expensive tomorrow thanks to the economic system we have in place it most assuredly will just like your property taxes are never going to go down.