Monday, April 20, 2015

On Piranhas, Pooches, and Booches….

Brunswick, also known as Lake Basebegone, and The Richest Little Town in America, is an interesting place.  We’ve been beating our forehead to the bone against any and all walls to help you realize that.


Not too long ago, we wrote about a local celebrity who aspired to elective political office at the state level.  She had cut her teeth on the town council, and to sharpen her talents, had earned a law degree.  The theatrics leading up to the election were amusing to behold, especially if you enjoyed internecine food fights. 

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The heroine we refer to decided that going after an incumbent state official would help her gain traction among the party faithful.  Apparently her strategy was flawed.  And so she was floored in the primary.

Times change of course; things change; stature among the local elite class can wax or wane, depending on the circumstances.  That said, there is sometimes an underlying consistency that escapes the notice of the casual observer.

Which we are not.   We are decidedly non-casual in our observances, as a matter of fact.

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Which is why we’ve become aware of someone who seems bent on ascending to the throne once held by Jackie the P, even if she’s taking a different set of stairs to pre-eminence in local affairs.  We refer to Emily Boochever, Esquire, a competitive mover and shaker in local party operations and other things.  She and Jackie have that law credential in common, and their tactics have considerable similarities as well. 

The relative newcomer of whom we speak has all the characteristics of an attack dog, yet appears in public as a powdered and pampered member of the carriage set.

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Wearing this persona, “The Booch,” as we affectionately refer to her, has gone after several Brunswick residents in her public pronouncements before various governing bodies.  She’s impugned the integrity and motivations of Moe Bisson, Charlie Wallace, and Bob McEvoy, among others.  She’s served up the Kool-Aid of TrainRiders Northeast, writing to NNEPRA that the purpose of Board members is to show up, shut up, and vote up.

Downeaster zealots have recently formed “All Aboard Brunswick,” who judging by their name, want folks from our region to take the train south to have a good time.  We won’t belabor that point, other than to say that The Booch appears to be the leader of the group.

Emerging evidence suggests this elite position in the local aristocracy has caused her to lose her sense of decorum not only in party matters, but in her sense of propriety and decorum in responding to initiatives with which she disagrees.

For example, LD 439, Senator Stan Gerzofsky’s proposed bill that would limit excessive idling on the part of passenger trains.

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Turns out The Booch is anything but a pom-pommed poodle in Downeaster related affairs.  Witness this request made to state officials:


Surely her intentions in making the request are noble, if not obvious.  Legal practice can be like that. 

We’re assuming that The Booch has had nothing to do with the recent hacking into the Senator’s Facebook account, and using the information on friends, among other things, to set up a falsified account that impersonates him.  Friends of the court, as we’ve said before, would never engage in such she-nanigans.

Would they?

Maybe they could show their disdain for such practices by finding out exactly who did so, and letting us know who the culprit is; we’d be glad to publish the disclosure here.


Otherwise, we’re left to puzzle on our own who would possibly go on the attack against such a cuddly exemplar of the dog world.

Although recent goings on provide a glimpse into the new age of ‘civility’ and ‘bi-partisanship.’  For example, a recent WSJ article (, which opens with this passage:

Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, the ranking Democrat on the House Natural Resources Committee, recently caused a stir by sending letters to seven university presidents seeking background information on scientists and professors who had given congressional testimony that failed to endorse what is the conventional wisdom in some quarters regarding climate change.

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But don’t you worry.  The Other Side team is on duty, watching out for those with sharp incisors, whether they’re above the water or below.

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