Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Welcomed new Downeaster economic benefit data…..

You know we’ve been banging your head against the wall about trying to pry useful, objective data out of locals that would support claims of the Downeaster bringing vast economic benefit to Brunswick and the local area.  And we banged our heads against the town council chamber walls as well, to no avail

We’ve described our failed efforts in a variety of posts, and even issued an open invitation to any and all to submit data that would help make the case.  The most recent posts are these:



The latter one contained this heartfelt plea for help:

Apparently, some knowledgeable experts were able to crack the code, and step forward to help us out.


This state employee, reportedly an expert in passenger rail operations and their contributions to economic development and vitality, appeared before the Brunswick Town Council at last night’s meeting.

While we stayed home to nurse what remains of our nagging cold/flu, we watched most of her performance via live streaming.  If we heard her correctly, she bubbled enthusiastically about how once the MLF is built, and full service expansion is in place between Brunswick and Boston, local residents would be able to catch a train to Boston and take in a Red Sox game, and ‘make it back home that night by train.’

So there you have it: hard facts and promises from an acknowledged and highly praised professional on the economic benefits of the Downeaster.


Perhaps the benefits aren’t accruing exactly where town officials keep saying they are, and won’t even more so once service expansion is complete.

But you aren’t going to begrudge economic benefit to those in other states and cities, are you?

We can’t imagine you’d be quite that petty.  Or would you?

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