Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Letter: Bus may serve Brunswick better than trains



The above letter recently popped up on the Forecaster web page, and will, we assume, appear in the print editions later this week.  It makes reference to events unfolding in the Lewiston-Auburn area, about which we’ve kept you informed.  The closing passage in the letter is this:

Perhaps the same approach should be used for expanding round-trip service to Brunswick, rather than spending an additional $22 million or more in taxpayer funds to meet unknown demands. Such an expanded bus service might even bring Bath and Topsham into the fold, making use of the bypass off Route 1. If the ridership support isn’t there, the service can be terminated with little lost; if it exceeds projections, it can easily and quickly be expanded.

“Perhaps.”  A profound word in certain circumstances, though it can easily be tossed aside by the illuminati if the hypothesis does not meet their wishes.  You can ponder its relevance here as you gaze at the relevant geography in this image:


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