Saturday, November 21, 2015

Non Sequitur nails the “Transit Oriented Development” modus operandi

Years ago, a frequent wave off in the bizarre crowd in which we ‘grew up’ was ‘see you in the funny papers.’  It seemed ever so much more sophisticated than ‘see you later, alligator,’ which was memorialized in song.  By Bill Haley and the Comets, wasn’t it?.

Over the years, we came to learn the lesson that good comedy almost always has an element of truth in it.  And that the best of the ‘funny papers’ is very good at poking fun at us, our lives, and those things we consider important.

Shoe, Pebbles, Peanuts, Zits, and any number of other strips often make us chuckle.  Non Sequitur does sometimes, but other times leaves us totally cold.

In recent days, the well known strip offered this insight:

Studies R Us

“Studies R Us.”  Geez!  Why didn’t we think of that when we reviewed the scandalous incompetence and wasted dollars represented in the “Transit Oriented Development” studies we’ve told you and others about?  The ones that have driven the ecstatic support for passenger rail spending (‘investment’ to zealots; speculation in reality) in the hundreds of millions of dollars here in Maine and nearby states to create the Downeaster.  Among other marvelous achievements of Government.

We’ll remind you of one of our favorite projections promulgated by one of these charlatans, willingly paid for with YOUR tax dollars, with no challenge to the assertions:

EDRG Table 6.1

Judging from the cartoon strip above, Wiley Miller is familiar with the efforts of CNT and fellow members of the Consultant Industrial Complex.

Now he needs to take on the gullible and unconcerned bureaucrats who sponsor and then accept the results of such folly, using them to justify irrational spending demands.

To forward their careers, and that of others.

Is this a great country or what?

Don’t answer that, please.

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