Monday, February 8, 2016

Bus Riders Norhteast, we have good news for you…

Just a brief note about an article appearing in last week’s Coastal Journal.  It’s on page 3 of the February 4th edition.


It should strike fear into the hearts, we would think, of the passenger rail advocates (or “foamers,” as they are widely known) in our midst.  Service begins in May, running between Portland and Freeport, with intermediate stops in Falmouth and Yarmouth.

We realize the above image is a bit difficult to read, but here’s an expanded view of the key words:




You can also go to this web page to get the latest specifics on the planned service:

We seem to recall that Brunswick town officials briefly discussed taking part in such a trial run, but we don’t remember seeing any discussion of it in recent months.

It wouldn’t surprise us in the least if the BDA and other local train zealots came to realize that beginning such a service here in Cape Brunswick would undermine the wondrous advantages of the Downeaster, especially since the service could start up literally with a finger-snap, and without requiring tens of millions in taxpayer investments to do so.  A word here, a phone call there, and next thing you know, end of discussion.  We’ve always prided ourselves on frank and open discussion of such matters, haven’t we?

That might put the lie to the fantasy that is passenger rail.


Why would anyone want to drive a stake through the heart of perhaps the greatest step forward in the storied history of our perfect little town?

Only The Shadow knows.  If you should run into him, why don’t you ask him to give us a call?

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